Crunching the Numbers: Ms. Linn

Crunching the Numbers: Ms. Linn

The bell rings in the morning, signaling the beginning of first block. Armed with an expo marker in hand, Ms. Linn stands at the front of the room, getting ready to teach her students the wonders of math.

Fresh out of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this is Ms. Linn’s first year teaching at North Point. Despite this being her first year, Ms. Linn is no stranger to educating others. Before teaching here, she was a part time math tutor for the past ten years, a teaching and research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh, and the coordinator of the Math Tutoring Center at Slippery Rock University. Other miscellaneous jobs she held include a grocery store cashier and vacuum cleaner sales associate at a department store.

Despite her many endeavors, she always seems to come back to the subject of mathematics. Math has always been an interest to Ms. Linn and she decided early on she wanted to pursue a career relating to it. She became a math teacher to combine two of her favorite things: math and helping others.

“It is a fascinating subject with many applications, which is why it is also essential for most careers.” says Ms. Linn “Being a math teacher is one way for me to use my love of mathematics to help others succeed at whatever careers they want to pursue.”

Ms. Linn conducts an engaging class that takes even the most simple of subjects and turns it in to something interesting. “Ms. Linn is always peppy and excited about every lesson she teaches,” commented Morgan Kline (’16)

When Ms. Linn gets a free moment from her busy day; she enjoys curling up with a good book and spending time with her loved ones.

Ms. Linn takes pride in teaching at North Point. “I am very happy to be working at North Point High School. The faculty and staff have been very supportive and kind and the students are terrific, too.”

From measuring an angle to solving an equation, Ms. Linn always has a positive outlook on life and enjoys every single minute of instructing the young minds of North Point.