Climbing to the Top

The feeling of triumph after getting an A on that five page essay is almost incomparable. Academic excellence and a high grade point average is a feat that many students strive for. After four years of dedication and hard work, however, three seniors have risen to the top of their class.

Henry Buntz (’13), Gaston Lopez (’13), and Azeezat Adeleke (’13) are the current top three students, in terms of GPA, of their class. Although they are students of very different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: drive. “I get my work done, no matter the cost. I will stay up until 2 in the morning and [do] the occasional all-nighter to get my work done,” Buntz commented.

Time management is another important factor of their success. Each student uses a method that works for them. The three encourage the use of agenda books as the key to success. “What works well for me is keeping an active list of things to do, and I scrawl this in my agenda,” said Lopez. “I would numerically rank the listed items, cross them out when they’re done, or carry them over to another when I don’t get to them for a day.”

While it is important to work hard and take academics seriously, having free time is also imperative. Buntz has played baseball for North Point all four years of high school. Spending time with family, reading, and just relaxing was a common answer between them. “I spend my free time like everyone else – doing too much “research” on Facebook, laughing at YouTube videos or gifs on Tumblr, and refreshing Twitter. I am a total news hound and am constantly reading articles or blogs,” Adeleke commented.

Being at the top of the class produced mixed feelings amongst the three of them. Having recognition for their hard work and stressful nights is a good feeling, but they feel that being at the top is nothing more than a title. Once graduation comes and goes, they realize that they will be reset along with everyone else, and will have to work hard once again if they want to get to the top.

Not letting the status go to their heads is an admirable quality the three hold. While working hard provides good results, a bit of luck must be factored in the equation as well.  Adeleke concluded, “I can honestly say that I have a lot of wonderfully talented, extremely smart peers, and I think that having a certain [GPA] number that they don’t often depends on chance.”