The Fiery Historian: Mr. Elm

The Fiery Historian: Mr. Elm

Upon entering Mr. Elm’s room, it’s immediately evident that you’re in a history classroom. Historical posters, texts, maps, and articles line the walls. Front and center is Mr. Elm, speaking with a fiery passion and an enthusiasm that is simply infectious.

Mr. Elm has been teaching at North Point for four years. Elm is currently teaching Local State and Nation government (LSN), a subject that he holds a place in his heart. “I like teaching LSN and history because I like being passionate about politics and many other topics.”

Before Mr. Elm began teaching, he worked at Sears in Annapolis, Maryland during his college years. He spends his free time like the average person: hanging out with friends, watching sports and occasionally going out to dinner. However, when Elm steps in the classroom, he transforms into the LSN guru.

When Mr. Elm presents a lesson, he goes above and beyond the normal standard. He becomes immersed in the topic in question, and takes the class along for the ride. There’s never a dull moment when Mr. Elm is teaching.

“The best part about teaching is being able to interact with the kids every day,” Mr. Elm concluded. Being able to impact a student’s life little by little each day is a gratifying feeling for any teacher. Being able to take a subject and make every minute of it interesting is no easy task.

“Mr. Elm is the definition of passion. I have never come across another teacher who is so fully immersed in the topics he teaches, to the point where you feel like you are hearing a sermon from a fiery minister – except the religion is government and the lessons you retain are very applicable to the real world,” commented Azeezat Adeleke (’13)

With a passion for government and the urge to educate, Mr. Elm’s voice and whistle, will resound through the North Point hallways for years to come.