FEA Sponsors Annual Canned Food Drive

FEA Sponsors Annual Canned Food Drive

Kristen Griffith, Staff Writer

Every year, during the fall, there is a competition that happens at North Point between all of the English classes. The goal is to bring as many canned foods in as possible. Whichever class brings in the most cans then they will receive a free snack, courtesy of the Future Educators Association (FEA), which sponsors the project. The reason for this event is not to give away free snacks to students, but to give away free food to those in need.

People like the homeless, the hungry, and families who cannot feed their children are those who receive the canned foods. After all the cans from the school have been collected, they are given to the Southern Maryland Food Bank. They will then distribute the goods across Charles County.

The food drive competition is a motivational way for students to give their canned goods. At first, the competition was between homeroom classes, but the FEA found that having it between English classes was more effective. There was a huge gap between how many cans were given then and how many are given now.

FEA has been the running the food drive since 2008. “FEA feels that even though we are a predominantly an education group, we want to be a part of our school community and the greater community,” stated Mrs. Kirby, the FEA advisor. The food drive is not something that FEA was forced to do; they feel that it is very important to help in the community. President of FEA, Jessica Cruz (’13) said, “It really helps our community, the fact that we can raises so many cans in our school. It is really amazing to see how much we can help.”