Homework over Winter Break: Advantage or Hassle?

Homework over Winter Break: Advantage or Hassle?

Lauren Bodamer, Staff Writer

We have all heard it and generally the teachers hear it the most. “It’s the break – we shouldn’t have any homework!” Most students feel that “[Winter] break is meant for us to spend time with our family and friends, not time to do homework,” as Kaylee Edwards (’16) commented. However, it has been found that if a student does their homework, their level of understanding increases along with their test scores.  It was also found that if students were to have homework over a long break it would help them remember what they were taught before they left to go on break. This will save teachers some time when they aren’t forced to review what they taught their students before break.

There are both pros and cons to the idea of giving homework over Winter Break. “For the core tested subjects, there is testing that begins right when students return. Having review packets for students to complete over break would make sure that the information they were to be tested on when they returned would be fresh in their mind.” Mrs. De Veny commented.  However there are a few teachers who disagree with the idea of giving students homework over break. “Winter Break is a chance for students to chill out and not stress about homework,” Mr. Gilbert commented. “Also when students are given homework, the homework is most likely not going to be completed to the best of their ability because they are concentrating on spending time with their families.”

While teachers feel that it is necessary for their students to have homework over Winter Break, many students believe that too much work is a bad thing. “I understand the need for homework, especially in AP classes. The Cornell notes that we are assigned help a lot.  I just don’t think that it is necessary for us [students] to have homework over break that is meant for celebration and spending time with family and friends,”  Madison Boelke (’15) stated.

“When it comes down to it, if you have homework over break you might as well just do it. In the long run it will help you out,” Caleb Conter (’15) stated.