Teacher Feature: Ms. Bennett

Teacher Feature: Ms. Bennett

Ms. Bennett is way more than just an ordinary teacher. She is very busy teacher, juggling a co-sponsor ship of a club and teaching classes.

For those who don’t know her, Ms. Bennett is a social studies teacher and the co-sponsor for The Fashion Club. She says, “It’s very hard being a teacher and doing anything extracurricular.  There’s so much behind the scenes stuff that teachers have to do that most students don’t even realize.  I try to do work and Fashion Club things at the same time, and sometimes it gets to be too much, but that’s why it’s helpful to have another teacher co-sponsoring with me because we can share the load.”

She also says that she was a part of two different clubs during her high school career. “I was a member of the FIRST Robotics Team 63, which took up most of my time, but I was also president of the Art Club.” Ms. Bennett also says that she played basketball as a child and in high school and college she also danced.

In addition to her sports and extracurricular activities, she also says that “In high school I was a nerd.  My high school was almost as big as North Point so there were many different groups of kids.  I was friends with the popular smart people but my core group of friends was from the FIRST Robotics team that I was on.”

Ms. Bennett is a truly amazing teacher and it shows. She also says she has wanted to be a teacher for a while and she even used to play “school” with her stuffed animals and pretend to grade their papers.

Ms. Bennett also has special connections with her children that most teachers don’t have. She says what she likes most about teaching is being able to interact with teenagers. “ I’m glad kids feel they can come to me with life things, because it shows they think I understand them and can help them.”