Keeping it Clean: Mr. Lee

The floors sparkle, windows shine, and the desks gleam. Every day, students and staff are welcomed to a mostly spotless school. Working efficiently behind the scenes is a team of building service workers, working with a passion to clean. The mastermind behind the operation is the hard working Mr. Lee.

Tucked quietly in his office, Mr. Lee is the manager of the Building Service Team. Responsibilities of his job include supervising the activity and operations of the team. Mr. Lee starts off his day bright and early, coming in before everyone else to do a sweep of the school. His morning routine includes checking the mechanical room, unlocking the building, doing a final check of the classrooms, dealing out assignments, and making schedules for the crew members for the day.

He also continues to clean throughout the day, whether it’s mopping up a spilled drink or fixing someone’s jammed locker. “Basically, I’m in charge of making sure the building is safe for students,” Mr. Lee concluded.

While the job brings a lot of different challenges every day, he enjoys it thoroughly. “My favorite part of the job is being able to see the smile on everybody’s faces every day.”  He commented, “I love all of it.”

Whether it’s spills or jams, students and staff can always count on Mr. Lee being there to make things sparkle.