Teacher Feature: Ms. Garner

Teacher Feature: Ms. Garner

Lauren Bodamer, Staff Writer

In the upstairs hallway, if you walk all the way to the back, where room 2325 is located, you will find an English classroom.  Inside you will find a teacher named Ms. Garner.  Ms. Garner is a new English teacher at North Point who teaches both 10th grade Honors and 11th grade A-Level.  “North Point High School is such a welcoming environment; I felt really accepted when I got here,” Ms. Garner recalled. “It’s nice to work in such a diverse environment.”

Ms. Garner was born and raised in the town of La Plata, Maryland. She attended La Plata High School, where she was on the Swim Team. All of her life Ms. Garner had “the benefit of having awesome teachers and I wanted to become a teacher to give to give back what was given to me growing up.” So, after high school Ms. Garner attended St. Mary’s College on Maryland.  There she received her bachelor’s degree in English. She also has a Master’s degree in secondary teaching. “Choose the college that is the right fit for you, and has the classes you want to take, along with the environment you want to be in,” Ms. Garner reminds her students. “College is where you will define yourself.”

Ms. Garner does not only teach English, but also serves as the sponsor for The Eagles Who Care Club. This club is held every Friday, during the first half of NEST in her room. Outside of school, Ms. Garner hangs out with her family and friends. “I enjoy spending time with them, especially my niece and nephew,” Ms. Garner stated.

Overall, “She’s a really good teacher,” Billy McCord (’15) commented. “She’s always really helpful and there for us when we need her.”