The Brilliant Ms. Bondelid

The Brilliant Ms. Bondelid

After writing the day’s objectives on the whiteboard, Ms. Bondelid wanders around the electronics classroom, assisting students and answering questions. With all questions and concerns addressed, she retires to her podium at the front of the room, eager to teach.

Ms. Bondelid is the instructor of the Electronics STI program. Although this year is her first year teaching at North Point, she previously taught computer science at Thomas Stone for twelve years. Not known for staying in one place for long, Ms. Bondelid has lived in North Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, California, and even Germany before settling down in her current home in Waldorf.

When choosing her career, she decided to become a teacher because she hoped she could make a difference within her students. She also enjoys learning new things from her student every day as well. “My favorite part about teaching is that it’s never boring,” She said with a laugh “every day is different.”

When she not in her classroom, she likes to rest at home and spend time playing with her grandson.

Ms. Boledelid’s students describe her as “friendly” and “bubbly”, and enjoy learning the different skills and concepts from her teachings and experiences. Teaching a subject she loves, with hard work and dedication, she’s slowly achieving that dream “to make a difference.”