Coffeehouse: Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Coffeehouse: Not Your Average Cup of Joe

The audience sat around decorated tables, sipping hot drinks and nibbling on small desserts prepared by the Culinary Arts department, waiting in anticipation for the influx of talent that awaited them. Pushed back from January due to inclement weather, Thursday evening was all clear for North Point’s annual Coffeehouse to go on.

As the various acts took the stage, the crowd screamed cheers of encouragement. The acts of the night included a plethora singers, bands, dancers, and rappers to name a few. Some of the highlights of the night included the smooth rapping skills of Andre Davis (’13), the instrumental violin playing of Devin Brown (’15), and the 4A Band featuring Bobby Keim (’13), Pat Jones (’13), Chris Jones (’13), and Garret Davis (’13).

Da’quon Bradford (’14) and Amir Carter (’13) kept the crowd entertained throughout the night with their jokes, commentary, and talents of their own.

The overall reception for the night was a positive, many families leaving with smiles on the faces and performers with looks of triumph.

“Coffeehouse was my first time actually being on stage and for performing for a crowd; I have to admit it was a bit nerve wracking at first but as soon as josh and I started playing, I felt like I was at home,” commented Shawn Harich (’15), one of the night’s performers. “I’m glad I participated and I guarantee I will audition again next year.”

Mr. Labelle, the show’s technical director, was especially pleased with the turnout. “I thought [Coffeehouse] was awesome. It was a smaller crowd the first night, but it was a good crowd. The talent was great and they gave it their all.”

As Coffeehouse 2013 comes to a close, one thing can be concluded for certain; the featured acts were no less than great and next year should bring more of the same.