From the Field to the Classroom: Maggie Campbell

Have you ever met a senior named Margaret Campbell? “My first name is Margaret but I go by Maggie,” she explained. Campbell is a senior at North Point. She is on the varsity softball team, the Vice President if Skills USA, and is in The Academy of Health Professions. On top of that Campbell is also a member if National Technical Honor Society and has a part time job.

When it comes it Skills USA, Campbell as proved herself by going to the national competition two years in a row – both her sophomore and junior year. She was also recognized for leadership in Skills USA by receiving Statesman and advanced Statesman pins.

How does she prepare for Skills? Simple: her STI program helps her. In The Academy of Health Professions, Campbell has been described as hardworking, caring, dedicated, and thoughtful of others. “When I was in eighth grade, I really had no idea what I wanted to be in twenty years. But as soon as I was informed about the nursing program at North Point I knew where I wanted to be. My mom told me ‘Do what you love!’ and I love to help people. So that’s what I intend to do!”

When it comes to the classroom Campbell is on her “A game.” “She is always in our room every morning constantly going over things we learned in class or working on homework,” Mrs. Koenig, one of the Academy of Health Profession teachers, explained.

“I come in during the morning to get a head on homework or study,” Campbell explained, “by using all of my spare time to make sure I am ahead in my studies I have been able to maintain a 4.5 GPA. ” Coach Jones commented that “Campbell is without a doubt a scholar athlete and she is working extremely hard to get her college career underway, but is always making sure that her grades for high school stay up as well.”

From the classroom to the softball field Campbell is a “natural born leader and a pleasure to be around,” Devin Heilmeier (’15) stated. Campbell has played catcher and third base all four years for the softball team. She was on the junior varsity team in ninth grade, but has been on varsity her sophomore, junior, and now senior year. This year Campbell has been voted team captain based on her leadership and sportsmanship.

However, “this is a team sport – you have my back I have yours,” Campbell explained. In fact, Campbell lives by this rule because “she is always helping the underclass men and she is willing to do all the little things so that it’s not all about her” Coach Jones explains. “No matter what, Maggie is someone you can always rely on.”

“Maggie is awesome, she is so much fun to be around and is always helping the team any way she can.” Maddie Boelke (’15) explained, “Best way to describe Maggie? She’s a ray of sunshine that’s always there.”