Laying Tech Foundations: Ms. Schmuck

Laying Tech Foundations: Ms. Schmuck

Standing in the back of her classroom, with safety goggles and hair tied back, Ms. Schmuck punctures a block of wood with a drill press. Satisfied with her demonstration, she instructs her students to line up and try for themselves.

Originally from York, Pennsylvania, Ms. Schmuck began teaching Foundations of Technology and Advanced Design courses at North Point at beginning of the school year. When Ms. Schmuck went to college at Millersville University to pursue a career in education, picking a subject area to teach in was a fairly easy choice.

“I decided to teach technology education because I love problem solving and working with my hands. Technology education is all about problem solving. Classes in this area make you think for yourself and get creative,” Ms. Schmuck enthused. “Technology education is helping to educate students in these areas and helping them develop skills they will use for the rest of their life.”

Schmuck also appreciates the real life applications technology brings to other subjects such as science and math.

Despite her passion for technology, there is more to Schmuck than just teaching and working on projects. She loves spending time with her friends and family, as well as going outdoors to look at the animals. Additionally, she is assistant coach of the tennis team.

While the career of teaching brings a variety of enjoyable and rewarding aspects, Schmuck identifies her favorite as guiding students to that “aha” moment. “That moment when it clicks in their head and you can tell that they understand it. I am so happy to be able to guide students into their life after high school,” Schmuck concluded.

While Ms. Schmuck may be a relativity fresh face at North Point for the time being, it is obvious she plans on staying for years to come, spreading her love for technology with whomever she meets.