Wait and Listen to the Sound of My Voice

On March 15th, the anticipated movie starring Halle Berry, “The Call,” hit the big screen. With action packed adventure and thrilling moments, it’s a film to definitely watch. Before its release, it was rumored by many different movie critics that the movie wouldn’t do well.

The critics were sadly disappointed that the movie did really well despite the season. The movie features a 911 operator trying to help a young girl who had been kidnapped. The movie really opens the audience’s eyes and minds to what 911 operators go through and how hard the job really is.

Adea Dobbs(’13) said, “At first I was pretty sure that this movie was not going to be that good. I thought it was going to be a failed representation of what 911 operators go through.”

Dobbs added, “After seeing the movie I was completely shocked. Halle Berry did a really good job of executing what a 911 operator is really like. Especially in the scene where she was helping the little girl get out of the car it was really realistic to what a real 911 operator would say. You could tell she was very prepared for the movie.”

Many movie critics have high expectations for this movie and see it going much further than the rest of Hale Berry’s movies.

Christian Stewart (’15) said, “My expectations of the movie were definitely met, I didn’t think that they could’ve done a better job, and trust me this movie will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat , definitely a great thriller. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was rated R, so I had to go with a parent.

Stewart also noted, “I just really like the fact that I got to see what a 911 operator really does , I’ve never known what they go through and I never even though of it as a job. After seeing the movie it made me want to be a 911 operator. So not only was it a good movie it opened my eyes to a lot.”

It’s just a cool way of seeing something enjoyable and at the same time educating yourself on something you never thought to be possible and a job no one really takes much time to think about is finally being highlighted.”

Critics and movie goers have been raving about The Call; it’s definitely a movie to watch.