A Day in the Life: Ms. Milhouse

A Day in the Life: Ms. Milhouse

Whether it’s filled with the bustling of students waiting to receive their yearbooks or the quiet tapping of teachers using computers, there seems always be something different happening in North Point’s Media Center. However, always behind the counter with a friendly smile is Ms. Milhouse.

A graduate of Thomas Stone High School and Virginia State University, Ms. Milhouse has worked at North Point for two years. Before coming to North Point, she worked at the Student Success Center at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM). She decided to work at North Point after she became a cheerleading coach.

A typical day for Ms. Milhouse includes getting all of the computers set up for student use and getting the laptop carts prepared for the teachers. After that, she organizes the library books in the media center throughout the day, and assists students with their research and finding books. At the end of the day, she helps get everything cleaned up, shut down, and ready for the next day.

When Milhouse is not working, she loves spending time with her daughter, “the funniest person she’s ever met.” Additionally, she enjoys bowling, spending time with her family, and taking trips to the Harbor or Washington D.C. just for fun.  Milhouse is also working on her Hospitality Management Degree at CSM – she will be graduating next year.

Milhouse seems to enjoy her job thoroughly, but cites the students she gets to work with her favorite aspect.

“[I love] working with all of the different students,” enthused Milhouse. “Every day I learn something new, from new slang to what’s the newest must read. They keep me on my toes.”

From learning about the new “must-reads” to getting help with that  research paper, Ms. Millhouse can be counted on to help with a smile.