Getting the Angle on Mr. Burton

Getting the Angle on Mr. Burton

Have you ever had that math teacher who always has your back? Who is always there to help you out and make things easier to understand? “Mr. Burton is that kind of teacher, the one who is always helping and encouraging us to try our hardest,” Caroline Parks (’16) stated.

Mr. Burton has worked at North Point for four years now, having taught Geometry, Algebra, Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry, and Intermediate Algebra.

This year Mr. Burton teaches Geometry, but if you walk into one of his Geometry classes, it is mostly freshmen. That is because starting this year students are being taught Geometry first and then Algebra. Some students are worried about how this curriculum change will affect them when they take Geometry next year. “It will impact the freshmen, because they will be less prepared for the rigor of a geometry class,” Mr. Burton explained. “But hopefully this will better prepare them for next year when they take the more rigorous Algebra 2.”

Despite the increased rigor, students have little to worry about. “Mr. Burton is always there when I need help during class or during NEST,” Andrew Nagel (’16) explained. During NEST Mr. Burton is either helping his students or working with the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement) team. Mr. Burton has been one of the sponsors of MESA for the past three years.

Before attending college Mr. Burton thought that he wanted to be a physical therapist but explains that “I changed my mind after taking science in high school.” Mr. Burton attended college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he majored in Mathematics Education and minored in Mathematics. When looking at colleges, Burton advises, “Don’t concentrate on the name of the name of the school. Make sure it is a place where you feel like you fit in.”

“Overall, Mr. Burton is an awesome teacher to have. He always has our backs and if you ever need help with something he is always willing to help you, no matter what,” Parks stated.