Making Change: Coins for Kaitlyn

Making Change: Coins for Kaitlyn

Members of the Class of 2015 and Class of 2016 may remember a normal girl named Kaitlyn. Currently she is a student at Davis Middle School, ready for promotion and formal, just like all the other eighth grade graduates. Even though she has similarities with the other students, there is one thing that tears her apart from a lot of kids her age.

Kaitlyn suffers from sickle cell disease, a genetic blood disease that gives red blood cells a rare sickle shape. As a result, it is harder for the blood cells to circulate around the body. Sickle cell disease results in anemia and a lot of other cases of illnesses based on how severe the sickle- cell disease is in the person.

There are many cures to fix the disease depending on the severity of the case. For Kaitlyn, a bone marrow transplant would help to cure her sickle-cell disease. Although it is painful, bone marrow transplants have been proven to be effective in children.

Soon, Kaitlyn will be an eagle at North Point, too. Being a future student at the school, North Point is trying to making sure she is healthy when she arrives for her freshman year. Throughout North Point, a “Coins for Kaitlyn” fundraiser has been established by Skills USA.

“Coins for Kaitlyn” has raised a lot of money to donate to Kaitlyn’s bone marrow transplant. They have a goal to reach and whichever STI program raises the most money over $150 wins free dessert. Donations stop on April 19 and go to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA). All of the teachers with a “Coins for Kaitlyn” can in their room encourage their students to go above and beyond in their donations for the class. Mrs. Dumhart says, “At the end of the day the reward for helping someone is better than the material prize.”