Teacher Feature: Ms. Patton Gets Up to Speed

Just in the nick of a time, a former teacher from Lackey High School comes in and saves class for the remainder of the fourth quarter. North Point welcomes Ms. Patton with open arms to get the job done of teaching the remainder of chemistry and physics to students who previously had Mr. Lilly.

It wasn’t easy to find a teacher who could live up to the expectations left behind by Mr. Lilly.  But Ms. Patton fits the task, even after only being at North Point for a few weeks. Already her students have begun to accept the change and start a new chapter of learning with Ms. Patton. “ Her style of teaching differs so much from the way Mr. Lilly taught us,” says Taylor Hightower (’15), one of Ms. Patton’s current chemistry students.

In Ms. Patton’s opinion she thinks a fresh start with a new teacher is a way to enlighten students to new ways of learning. She teaches at a steady pace so that everyone is able to write all the notes and she saves time for student’s questions after each PowerPoint slide.  She also has a story to go along with almost all of her notes: a new way to put a perspective of how the world of chemistry and physics works. Ms. Patton never hesitates to help one of her students, whether it’s during the whole hour of NEST or after class.

A normal class with her starts off with a warm smile followed by her greeting the entire class. The class then proceeds to take attendance, work on a warm up, and follow the schedule of notes or work that she has for the day. Ms. Patton also loves to have lab time. Lab time is her favorite part of class because of all the new things you learn along with the trials and errors.