The Math Wonder Woman: Ms. Godfrey

Down Hughesville Circle there is a math class like no other, where the students and teacher get along without a problem and the teacher is always willing to help a student with any math problem. With a calculator, ruler, pencil, and eraser all handy she is ready to help! 

Ms. Godfrey has been working at North Point High School for eight years now. “There are many things I enjoy about teaching, but the best thing about teaching at North Point is that I come to work and my friends are here.  It makes it extra enjoyable and easy to collaborate with other teachers because I’m friends with so many of them,”  Ms. Godfrey stated. 

Ms. Godfrey grew up in Perry, Ohio, where she attended Perry High School.  “While I was in high school I played Varsity Tennis in high school and danced,” Ms. Godfrey recalled.  After graduating Ms. Godfrey enrolled at University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Where she majored in Math Education however, she did not minor in anything. 

“I didn’t minor in anything, but I had a scholarship for music even though I wasn’t music major or minor to sing in a couple groups each semester, so I was as involved with musical lessons, choirs, and shows as I could be,” Ms. Godfrey commented.

In the past Ms. Godfrey has taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry Concepts, and Honors Geometry.  However, this year is different because the freshmen have to now take Geometry then Algebra 2.  “Algebra 2 is my favorite class to teach so far.  It has become a challenge with the transition to Common Core, but I will mostly likely continue to teach it.” Ms. Godfrey stated. 

But no matter what math level students are in Ms. Godfrey is always willing to help them in any way she can.  “I was in Ms. Godfrey’s class last year and I remember how she was always willing to help her students and was always really patient with us,” Stephanie Smith (’15) stated. 

 So no matter what they need, if it’s help with homework, or just someone to break down the class work, Ms. Godfrey is always there to help students with any problem. 

 She is…..The Math Wonder Woman.