Finals Prep

Finals Prep

The countdown for the end of the school year has begun, with just weeks left. Excitement fills the hallways with plans for the upcoming summer, and anticipation for graduating seniors. But within those weeks comes a time no one looks forward to: finals time.

Step one is to start early. Preparation for final exams should not start 24 hours before the actual exam is taken. That means looking back on information covered at the very beginning of the school year, in August. Most likely, the finals will cover everything from start to finish. Get started at least a week in advance of the exam, maybe even a few weeks when the first notice of a final exam is in place.

Step two is to stay organized. Even though all students begin to slack off towards the end of the school year, it is important to stay on the right track in order to do well on the final exam of the year. Start by making a schedule and organizing the material covered throughout the year.

After the organizing is all planned, it is time to get studying. Start by studying what is easy and then build up and take extra time on the things that are more challenging.  Read over textbooks, make flash cards, and even set up a study group with friends. Anything to ensure the material stays in mind when taking the final exam.

Most importantly, get help. Go to a teacher or seek advice from someone with a good understanding of the material. Recruit family members to in helping prepare for finals. Have them make a pretend quiz to see what needs to be reviewed a little more for the exam.