A Night to Remember

On the night of September 29th, rows of cars steadily trickled into the North Point parking lot, one by one stopping at the doors to release their passengers. Doors swung open and students dressed in lavish gowns and their finest suits began to make their way inside. Guided by the red carpet, the attendees entered what was once the gym, now transformed into a vibrant, neon rave. The event anticipated by many had finally arrived, the homecoming dance.

The Student Government Association, the organizers of the event, wanted to have a starry night theme with contemporary neon mixed in to make it electric. Eventually, the group settled on the theme “Star Light, Star Bright” for the night. Though the early date of the event brought unique challenges, the SGA are proud of the end result.

“The SGA team is filled with leaders who meet challenges head-on and find a way to make everything fabulous!” Commented Mrs. Huffman, the SGA sponsor “SGA members worked hard to include the favorite activities and to make the week unique and memorable for the student body.”

This year’s homecoming dance introduced several changes from past dances. One major change was inviting the All-in-One Entertainment Company to DJ the event. All-in-One are a much bigger company than years past, that provided lights, screens, dance platforms, several team members to work the dance, and a picture booth.  “They created a club atmosphere while still meeting school appropriate requirements.” Noted Huffman.

In addition to the changes, several favorite traditions remained such as the upper gym overlook and the crowning of the Homecoming king and queen.

Overall, the dance seemed well received amongst the people who attended. “I thought the dance was fun, and the scenery was really nice.” Commented Anthony George (’15).

As yet another Spirit Week comes to a close; students will always have the memories left by an exciting week. For those who opted out this year, the SGA is sure to plan more events that have something for all to enjoy.