Floats fit for the king

What better way to start the year than with a rally of pep? The floats this year had to fit the theme of star light start bright. Senior Class of 2014 won the contest with their theme of Party Planet, which featured smoke machines, lifesavers, music and dancing.  Juniors came in second and they did “The Eagle Has Landed” with a space theme, a moon in the corner and the eagle. Sophomores came in third, their banner was “North Point North Star” themed. Freshmen had placed last with a “Star Light Star Bright” themed banner that had incorporated neon color and the float decorated like the sky.

Though it is not very surprising that the seniors won, some people have different thoughts on why it has been that way.  Most seniors have been waiting for this moment from the beginning of Freshmen year.  Christina Rhodes (‘14) says, “It is great that we will win, but I want to win fair and square.”   But to others, seniors always winning is not fair. Allison Brown (‘17) says, “It is messed up.” Also, Joel Magee  (‘16) says,  “I have warmed up to the idea.”

This has been a great competitive year. All the floats were wonderful and creative. Everybody has different opinions on what is their favorite part of the float. To the crowds it was all about the shebang. To the people making and running it there is a lot of different things. Cassandra Chin (‘17) says, “The crowd’s reaction” is her favorite part. Brandon Biagas (‘17) says, “Building it” is his favorite part.

Teamwork really cannot be spelled with an I. To some of the people working on it, they would like to change a few things. Most would like homecoming to be later in the year so they can work on it more and make things into perfection. Additionally, the classes that worked on the floats agreed that more people would be nice

While yet another pep rally has gone by with seniors in the lead, perhaps another class will take the lead next year.