Let’s go Eagles

“Lets go eagles, lets go!” the crowd chanted with the cheerleaders, as the football team lead the Eagles to victory. The opposing time for homecoming team this year was a difficult competitor but the Eagles tackled their way to a win. This year’s victory was an outstanding win of 43-35 against the Thomas Stone Cougars.

The football team has been working hard for months, perfecting their skills for not only a chance at the state championship, but for one of the most important games of the year: the Homecoming game.  With hard work comes great rewards, and for the Eagles that showed as they played their hearts out.

Twelve minutes into the game and the Eagles were facing a possible loss. With a score of 7-6 in the first half, the Cougars were in the lead. The score was then evened out 14-14 by the half time.

Looks of worry and defeat were in the eyes of the Eagles. But their spirit was brought back to life when they heard the noise of the drums, booming from the sidelines. A performance from various teams got everyone back into the homecoming spirit. It also gave the boys on the field the hope they needed to win the game.

With all the support from the crowd, the eagles won in a double overtime against the Cougars.  The crowd rushed out onto the field and celebrated with the team.

But all the excitement of the game would be nothing without the spirit from everyone on and off the field. The cheerleaders all showed their spirit and got the crowd into the excitement of the game with the familiar chant of “ Get Up!” that got everyone on their feet, cheering along with them.

What are the cheerleaders without the accompanying music from the marching band? The sound of all the instruments brought together got the crowd on their feet. The students, even the parents all came together to create school spirit.

“The team has been putting in work,” said Titus Morgan (’14) a senior on the varsity football team. For many seniors, this was the homecoming to remember because it is their last year participating in the spirit of homecoming season. The seniors say goodbye to their last high school homecoming, but will remember the win of the game and all the fun that comes with homecoming season. “Winning the game was a great achievement,” says Erika Richardson (’15).