Should there be a Winter Homecoming?

What puts the pep in pep rally? What makes Homecoming fun? Those are a few important things to think about when planning for another homecoming. From the many themed days, to the fun filled pep rally, and the game and dance as well, the students celebrate not only just our school but our many fall athletes and clubs too. But, what about the other athletic programs North Point has to offer? Where are the pep and the spirit we see for the winter and spring athletes? Why aren’t there more pep rallies and spirit days for these seasons as well? After all, there are a lot of talented athletes and there are always highlighted games throughout other sports seasons.

Kelsey Stewart (’15) says, “There should be a Winter Homecoming because it’s always a big deal for football season, but other sports should be recognized as well.”

Even though homecoming is recognized in the fall, other students feel that there should not be a winter homecoming. Taylor Facen (’14) and Donita Escorpeso (’14) were both in agreement that homecoming is a tradition and it is unique to the different events the school has every year.

Most students like the fact of having more pep rallies during the year to foster school spirit. Pep rallies would also support other big games and events during the winter and spring athletic seasons. Donovan Powell (’15) says “We should have a winter homecoming and other events like it to promote school unity.”

Aside from just the students’ participation, teachers and other faculty members get really excited about this event as well. Teachers will dress up as their favorite character or mix and match their outfits, and even decorate a door or two in the process. The way any school comes together during homecoming is just a great thing to experience for anyone. Homecoming is not just a time for the school to be silly and fun; it gives the school community a chance to celebrate who we are and what we stand for.