Eagle on the street: What are you most looking forward to about fall?

Fall is approaching fast and with it comes a variety of different things. From the scares on Halloween to the changes in the leaves everyone has a favorite part.

” The colors of the leaves, it really fascinates me and I like giving out candy to the little kids on Halloween.” – Dashonna Forrester (’16)

” Holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween, because its time a time of coming together, seeing family, and eating. And Halloween is just fun.” – Chris Sauneers (’17)

“Wearing hoodies, cookouts, sports games, and pumpkin pie” – Connor Smith (’17)

” Going to varsity soccer games and better weather. Because i can go out with friends and just hang out.” – Jamar Berry (’15)

” Getting college applications in. That’s pretty much what every senior wants because up until December it’s always so stressful.” – Lynlee Moore (’14) 

“Starbucks, their hot chocolate and all their hot drinks and getting to wear boots and sweaters.” – Briana Daniels (’15)