Enthused from day one: Mr. Deegan

With the new school year, come the inevitable changes that occur along with it; the new schedules, new lockers, and new teachers to name a few. While several students have been greeted and comforted by the appearances of familiar faces in the crowd, a few new faces can be found drifting through as well. One of these new faces is one of the three new administrators at North Point, Mr. Deegan.

Born and raised in Rockford, New York, Deegan moved to the Waldorf area in 2005. Before transferring to North Point to serve as an administrator, Deegan was a physical education and health teacher at Matthew Henson Middle and Benjamin Stoddard Middle schools. While at his old job, he also served as the coach of the middle school baseball team, an activity which he misses participating in.

Deegan currently serves as the administrator that oversees the transportation department as well as student attendance. Every day, Deegan’s various tasks include talking and checking in on bus drivers, talking to students about their tardies, handing bullying situations, and patrolling the hallways during NEST.

When Deegan is not working, he enjoys going to the gym and working out and playing floor hockey and softball on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and relaxing in front of the television to watch sports.

While some faculty has had difficulties adjusting to the transition from middle to high school, Deegan has had little trouble getting used to the changes and has always upheld an enthusiastic attitude on the matter.

“[I’m] loving high school. It’s a very different feeling from middle school and brings me excitement; I still have that excitement from August when I come into work every day.”  Deegan enthused “There’s always so many things going on; plays, games, JROTC, and the various NEST clubs and organizations.”

With the future looking high for Deegan, one is sure to see him standing in the bus lot every morning with a smile on his face, anxiously waiting to do the job he loves.