The Governor Comes to Town

On a typical Thursday evening, the Governor came to town. Governor Martin O’Malley payed a visit to speak on the important issues that effect all of Maryland. One of the issues being a big part of a high school student’s life: education.

Student writers and reporters were given the opportunity to speak personally with Governor O’Malley during his visit. Each student was allowed to ask the governor questions. If you were to meet face to face with the governor of your state, what would you ask? The curious group of student reporters asked questions about education.

A question that was asked was, “Do middle –class, college bound students qualify for financial aid?” The question was answered with facts that depend on the family incomes. Also the fact that Maryland state tuition has the smallest increase in tuition fees. But to sum it all up Governor O’Malley states, “ We need to do more.”

Other students we’re given the opportunity to meet the governor including, Seniors Kelly Martin (’14), Nida Yousfi (’14) and Anjali Kalaria (’14).Many times, the governor has come to meet with students in the Waldorf community. Just recently, he visited J.C. Parks Elementary school and in years past, he has visited North Point to view the STI programs.

In his recent visit to North Point, Governor O’Malley spoke at his forum, regarding education for the state of Maryland. The title of his forum, “Better Choices, Better Results” was reflected in the charts that showed the progress that has been made educationally, while O’Malley has been in office. He has served as Governor of Maryland since 2007.

Governor O’Malley addressed the issues that effect grades k-12 and beyond. He stated the fact that “ A cost of higher education, is more cost than anywhere else.” He realizes that school has become very expensive and spoke on the ways in which he has helped to make it better, and will make it better in years to come.

Already a record $6 billion dollars in funding has been dedicated for public school education in Maryland. $1.8 million dollars has been  increased funding for school breakfast.  Governor O’Malley is creating more early college prep classes that help high school students get a jump-start on classes for their college career.

A goal that was set by Governor O’Malley is to improve student achievement and school, college, and career readiness by 25% by the end of 2015. His other goals and achievements can be heard by going to to watch the full speech on O’Malley’s words on education.

Governor O’Malley has made many changes to help improve Maryland. The change that see now, is the chance for a better tomorrow.