Understanding the Unknowns About Cancer

Cancer. This group of over 100 diseases has caused more than one million people to face a new and difficult battle every year. This statistic cannot be ignored. But how is this highly sensitive topic supposed to be discussed in a way that is both informative and inspiring to your peers and to your community?

In room M125, the Cancer Support Club’s sponsor Mrs. Centivany exposes her members to a variety of information about cancers such as the different types of cancer to the myriad of societies and organizations known for their dedication to cancer research. Students engaged in a discussion about their newly-acquired knowledge. Some members even told their own experiences witnessing people close to them battle the disease. Member Jordan Pugh (’14) told the group about his association to cancer, citing the experience as his reason for joining the club. Pugh said “My best friend died from lung cancer…and she never smoked a cigarette.”

For people affected by cancer in any way, the Cancer Support Club provides a safe environment of support. A goal of the club is to talk to people who had experienced a close relative or friend battle the disease, a goal already making strides through discussions like the one above. The club has already expressed an interest in bringing in different speakers to explain ways of dealing with the stress and feelings involved with the coping process.

The Cancer Support Club is also looking to reach out to the members of our community. The club is currently planning to sell different colored ribbons on a corresponding cancer-awareness month. The profit raised from these fundraisers will be donated to fund further cancer research. “People have questions” said Mrs. Centivany. As written by the American Cancer Society, “Research is at the heart of our mission…finding answers that save lives.”

Anyone can join the new Cancer Support Club, whether one who has seen someone they love fight the disease, or one who is simply curious and wants to learn more. The club meets every first half of Tuesdays in room M125.