New Teacher on the Block: Mrs. Wolfe

Almost everyone has been the new kid at some point in time. Adjusting to an environment when you do not know anyone is hard. Some students struggle with this adjustment, but do teachers?

Mrs. Wolfe is the new teacher on the block. She isn’t originally from Waldorf like some North Point teachers; she comes from West Virginia. Wolfe has come to North Point from Mattawoman Middle School. At Mattawoman, she taught computer classes. Even though she misses teaching computer classes, Wolfe has changed her surrounds from middle school kids to high school kids flawlessly. Before teaching middle school Wolfe did teach at a high school. Wolfe comments, “The bigger adjustment is going from high school to middle school.” 

 She joined the North Point community during the 2013-2014 school year. She teaches Business Law, Principles of Business and College Accounting. She has a passion for the business world. Wolfe came back to teaching high school because of her passion for the business world. She taught it for eight years before going to teach at a middle school. “I missed the business class”, explains Wolfe. In fact she plans on still teaching Business classes ten years from now.

To get adjusted to a big school like North Point, teachers and students have to get involved in activities. Because of Wolfe’s love for business it is only right that she became a co-sponsor of North Point’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter with Ms. Pierce. “Being co-sponsors with Mrs. Wolfe has been exciting, and I am grateful that she is going to assist me with continuing to make FBLA a wonderful organization.”, says Ms. Pierce. Wolfe says that being a part of FBLA helps with adjusting to the maturity level of high school kids because she knows what standards the kids have to up hold. Wolfe has dealt with a wide range of majority levels from dealing with her two year old at home, then her middle school kids, and now her high school students.

Wolfe has enjoyed teaching at North Point so far, but it is bigger than her last high school. There is a lot more student activity going on.

Since being at North Point, Wolfe says she has changed her teaching style. She states that with high school students she has to be a lot more on her toes. The high school students have a lot more questions to ask about everything they are learning; while, the middle school students are more accepting of the concepts because they haven’t learned what to question yet. One of her questioning Principle to Business students Dalvin Howard comments, “Mrs. Wolfe is very patient and nice, but a little soft spoken.”