Success with Recognition

The soaring eagles of North Point are proud of what students accomplish. They put the spot light on the things that students are able to achieve, because no accomplishment should go unnoticed.

The AP Literature and Composition teacher, Mrs. C. Smith is the sponsor of Academic eagles. The club is full of students that work hard and want to recognize other students that go above and beyond in school.

Some of the things that they do to recognize students for their success are the flight cards. Posters promoting the flight cards are displayed around the school. They are the posters with a white, yellow, or red card in the center and then arrows pointing out some of the incentives that the student will receive when they use the card. A white eagle card stands for honors; students that had a 3.0-3.49 GPA will get a whit card. The yellow card represents high honors; this card is for students that receive a 3.5-3.9 GPA. The most valuable card of them all is the red card; the red card is rewarded to students that earned a 4.0 or above GPA. The cards are based on marking period GPAs.

The flight cards are given to reward a large number of people. Aside from the cards the academic eagles pick a student of the month. The student is nominated by a teacher and receives recognition for being an outstanding student for that particular month. Teachers can also be nominated for their outstanding work. “If you have a teacher that goes above and beyond nominate them because they like knowing that someone notices their hard work.”, Mrs. C. Smith encouraged.

The academic eagles not only give back to the students, but they give back to the community too. This holiday season they are sponsoring a food drive. The nonperishable food can be donated to the homeroom teachers. The homeroom with the most items will earn a prize. The prize is still unknown.