Meet Mrs. Akins

Many may know her as a Vice Principal, or a friendly face that one may pass in the hallway, but how many really know Mrs. Akins? Yes she is among the many important faces you should know but the question really is, how much do you know? As Vice Principal, her job is to help people whether they are students, parents, or teachers, just to sum it all up.

Mrs. Akins is from just south of York, Pennsylvania, which is roughly about two hours from here. She grew up near the Mason-Dixon Line; Mrs. Akins says “My friends and I would like to stand right on the line marker and say that we were standing in two states at once.”  Mrs. Akins lived in a very rural area. “My high school was literally in the middle of a cornfield with an old family cemetery.”  After high school she went on to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She joked “It was just the right distance for me because it was just the right distance from home that I Didn’t have to come home for dinner every weekend but close enough to wait and do my laundry when I did come home.”

When she first attended college she majored in journalism.  Akins had been involved in her high school newspaper, and she loved to read and write. She also attended the Scholastic Press Association conference in New York, and won a regional award. She thought that it was something she might want to do. But two weeks and one article later she realized that journalism was not something she wanted to do. One of her English professors encouraged her to be an English major so she happily agreed and switched back to English Education. “My mother said she always knew that I would be a teacher,” she say

Beyond the educational aspects, Mrs. Akins enjoys doing many activities some North Point students can relate to such as playing soccer. She is a goalie, and plays soccer in the fall, winter, and spring. Her favorite TV show to watch right now is ABC’s hit series “Scandal”. She also admits that she’s a bit of an HGTV addict. “I don’t know why but I love House Hunters,” she says.

Mrs. Akins likes to read popular and contemporary fiction, but her favorite classic author is John Irving. Another thing that may be interesting to note is that Mrs. Akins has three pets, all of them, with Disney names; Snow White and Tarzan are cats, and Tinker bell is a mini black lab. They were named by her children: Kate, who is nine, and Adam who is seven. Also, in her spare time, she loves to spend time with her children and watch her favorite hockey team, The Capitals, and football team, The Steelers. She recently has developed an interest in photography as well.

Mrs. Akins really enjoys the rewards of working as an educator. “The Kids I get to meet are so cool and I love to see them go on and do so many different things,” she says “It’s so amazing to experience graduation and see kids I have worked with for four years make it, even when others had their doubts.” She really encourages people who want to go into education to understand that it is a lot of work, but the rewards are definitely worth it.