Katy Perry’s “Roaring” new album

Katy Perrys Roaring new album

Jainette Goins, Staff Writer

Katy Perry’s Prism bends a little light in almost every direction. It comes complete with think pink California-esk runway pop, gritty hip hop synths, and songs that could easily dance their way into the Breakfast Club soundtrack. From Roar to Choose Your Battles, Perry manages to include a little something for everyone. The first three singles from the album, Unconditional, Dark Horse, and Roar, give great insight on all the different tones throughout the album. It’s full of fun upbeat songs that give fans the playful Katy they all know and love, the Firework ballads that make them love themselves, and a new side of Katy Perry that’s sprinkled with hip hop drums and served with a side of Juicy J. all components of this album make it the perfect party and after party album for any KatyCat.