Bunkyo Comes to Visit

Brianna Butler, Staff Writter

Most people have a certain perception about a culture based on what they see on television and what they heard from others. Few actually get to go to the place that seems like the great mystery to confirm or deny their assumptions.

February 20, 2014 students from Bunkyo University-located in Japan-came to North Point to see all the school had to offer to them. They were escorted around by North Points very own Air Force Junior ROTC program. The university students arrived at the school and were in briefings with the principle and staff for the first half of the day. Then, when all the talking was over they enjoyed lunch and a show. North Point’s culinary arts STI program cooked a lunch for the students will the AFJROTC drill team preformed. Paul Babiarz (’14) did an armed drill solo (performed by spinning the rifle) he had all the students cheering and asking him for his name.

When the performances where over it was time for the tour of North Point. The students of Bunkyo University that came to the school are studying to become teachers. They came to see American education. During the tour they were taken to all the STIs that North Point has to offer. They listened to the teachers and students talk, wide eyed and open moutheded as they leanred from North Point.

 They taught students here some things about their schools such as how they do not have class changes. They also learned some new things from North Point; one of the tour groups taught the students what “Good Luck” meant. The tour was ended and one of the students said, “This is just like that movie, High School Musical”.