The Eagles Wrap Up in one Swoop

This year has been another great year for the record books of North Point High School. Students have exceeded expectations and flown beyond their wildest dreams in 2014, and now it is time for us all to reflect in order to plan for bigger and better things for next year.

North point students have not only raised the bar, but have set expectations higher than before. The Senior Class of 2014 left behind a legacy that will live on throughout the school. The seniors eagerly soared into the world last Tuesday and joined other members of North Point Alumni as they carried the North Point precedents of the real world out the door with them.

This year has been a new experience for everyone, including the administration. With Dr. Kimberley Hill soaring into a new position as the Superintendent of Charles County Public Schools, North Point welcomed Michael Simms as the new Principal. We have also gained many new vice principals including Mr. Walker, Mr. Genua, and Mr. Deegan. Also rising to a new position, Mr. Reisinger joined the Administrative team as the new Administrative Assistant.

This year North Point has had many teams excel in their areas of expertise. This Year Unified Track became state champions in their division. The girls Basketball team were once again named Regional Champions and returned to the 4A state finals. Also, several students from skills USA advanced to the national level as well as the members of the Destination Imagination teams competed at the global level in Tennessee. The music ensembles earned superior ratings at the district XI festivals held in various places throughout the county and had several students admitted to All-County, Tri-County, and All-State. Also some of the world’s most noteworthy pieces in music literature were performed in North Point’s Auditorium this year under the Direction of Marvin Vandyke.

It has become clear that with each class that enters North Point, there is something new that comes along with them. Although students are still finishing final projects and exams it is safe to say North Point students have portrayed many talents and each class has shown their unique nature this school year. The underclassmen are still growing their wings and still have far to go, but nevertheless they have a bright future to share with the North Point community.