“Dude…Let’s Be Cops”

If you are looking for a movie that will give you a laugh but has enough sentiment to fill your heart, then “Let’s Be Cops” is the movie for you. This comedic story of two best friends pretending to be police officers takes a turn for the worst as they fight real life drug traffickers and nearly get killed in the process of hunting them down. Damon Wayans Jr. plays a struggling videogame artist and his best friend/roommate Ryan (Jake Justin) is still searching for what he should do with his life, after his dreams of playing professional football were shattered by a silly non-athletic injury.

“Let’s Be Cops” is definitely a film for those who enjoy sarcasm and riotous comedy. You may also recognize stars from other films and television shows such as Mary Jo Catlett (Voice of Mrs. Puff) and many more. As much as this movie is comedic as it is sentimental. It relates to the young people of today as many are out of college and without jobs or are struggling to move up in their career field. This film also hits on several focuses that everyone faces sometime in their life such as love and courage.

Overall this was a superb performance by the leading actors Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Justin who were under the direction of Luke Greenfield. Greenfield has also produced comedies such as “Role Models” and directed the movie “The Girl Next Door”. Wayans and Justin’s chemistry in the movie was as real as it could get and the actors’ performances truly brought a new light to the “buddy cop” movie genre. If you have not been out to the theaters to see “Let’s Be Cops” or are looking for a great movie to give you an agglomeration of laughs, be sure to check out this movie.