A Hole in One

Deveren Manley II, Staff Writer

In North Point there is a large number of people that pass through these hallways every day. In a school with such large numbers it is hard to appreciate unique individuals such as Haley Carr (15’).

Haley Carr is a senior golfer here at North Point. This in itself is rare of female students because in high school golf is a male dominated sport. Not only does Haley play, she does extremely well. The coaches recognized Hayley’s talents early. They began following her career in 7th grade noticing her potential as a golfer. The attention was rightly deserved. Thus far in her high school career, she has been to 4 international championships in Florida and California. She has been chosen to play on the All-Girls Maryland team, won Girl’s SMAC and county since freshman year, as well as held the Maryland girls amateur championship.

When asked about how she began playing golf, Carr responded “My dad would go out and golf every Wednesday, and I was always curious to where he went. Then one day when I was 12 he took me with him. I have been hooked ever since.” Haley’s decision to play is supported by her family. Haley says her biggest supporter is her sister Jewel. She says “She is always there for me and even caddies for me sometimes. She helps me to keep my composure when I’m on the course by making me laugh.” This composure is an important piece of her game. Carr makes it a point not to allow bad shots to upset her mentally because she recognizes how they can take her out of a game.

In order to develop this strong mind, it takes solid preparation. Carr can credit her preparedness to her team. Carr reflects, “The team does not play me any differently than another teammate or opponent. They constantly push me to do better by playing me as an equal.” Playing boys has not shifted her game either. She plays aggressively and is not afraid to take shots.

Haley is not only a good golfer, but she also inspires those around her. In her spare time she teachers younger athletes how to golf. The female pupils especially enjoy Haley, often telling her how they wish to follow in her footsteps.

Haley plans to use golf to help her get into college. In college she wants to study sports management. Haley does have aspirations of golfing professionally but if she falls short, she plans to coach golf for young athletes, full time.