Renaissance Faire

Arianna Howard, Section Editor

Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Like you lean more towards Shakespeare and Leonardo DaVinci? Do you feel like you should be living in the 1600’s? Well then the Renaissance Faire is the place for you.

In Crownsville Maryland, you’ll find a little village named Revel Grove. About an hour from Waldorf, The Renaissance Faire is open from August 23 to October 19 on the weekends, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The festival was founded 1977 and has been running ever since, greeting an average of 300,000 people a season. The faire is 25 acres with 10 stages across woods and fields, though there are many hills as well.

The faire offers many activities such as archery, jousting, and various comedy shows. It also has lots of shops for all of your medieval desires. You will find blacksmiths, corsets, leather workers, and many more artisans. Even the food is designed to fit the theme, such as turkey legs and “Steak on a Stake”.

Interested in joining the fun? The festival has a costume rental store where you can wear one the renaissance style outfits for the day, but there are many shops where you can buy a full costume for yourself as well.

Kacie Danek(’16) first went to the Renaissance fair on September 14 this year and said that she really enjoyed it. “I’ve always wanted to go and it was definitely a fun experience. I loved the shows and the shops. The food was amazing too.” She also said she would definitely go again another time.

So? Sound like fun? You can visit the faire’s website at