Senior Spotlight: Caitie O’Donnell


Caitie O’Donnell (15′)

Ally Dickt, Staff Writer

Caitie O’Donnell is a senior here at North Point High School. When her friends are asked what they think of her all comments are good. Caitie is an outgoing and fun person to be around. Even though she enjoys herself a lot, she knows how to get down to business and focus on her school work while being able to excel in her extra-curricular activities. She has been playing volleyball for eight years and loves every minute of it. She plays volleyball year round. In the fall she plays for the school and the rest of the school year she plays for a club. “This sport has taught me to keep going and not give up” says O’Donnell (’15). O’Donnell has developed many friendships through this sport both in school and on her club team. Volleyball also helps relieve stress while giving her a mental toughness for the future. Along with volleyball Caitie is in Mock Trial and plays bassoon for Symphonic Band.

O’Donnell has several colleges she would like to attend. Her number one choice is University of Virginia (UVA) but she is also looking at Clemson, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech. O’Donnell plans on minoring in three subjects, and majoring in Electric Engineering. In addition, she would like to obtain PhD in her majoring subject. “I want a job that where I feel that I am actually making a difference” O’Donnell mentions. She wants to be active in whatever field of work she chooses. O’Donnell would rather not have an administrative job, but a career in a private industry.

O’Donnell is loved by teachers and friends alike and always has a good attitude in every situation she is confronted with. With all the extra-curricular O’Donnell is involved in she still stays on top of her schoolwork and strives to be a good example for those around her. If you get the chance to talk to Caitie take it you will not regret it.