Eagles soaring to the playoffs


Photo taken by Korin Ford (15′)

Crystal Simmons, Editor

Rivalry is one thing, but victory is another. The football team took flight under the lights as the seniors led the team to a 58 to 18 win over the rival Westlake Wolverines. After almost a season of anticipation, the Eagles were able to prove themselves and redeem their defeat from Westlake last year. It was also a memorable night for the seniors on many fall sports teams including varsity golf, football, cheerleading, poms, and Marching Band. After all was said and done, the Eagles finished the season with an overall record of 9-1 and are headed to the playoffs.

            Friday’s kick off was off to a rocky start with both teams really struggling to gain momentum. Westlake’s defense held strong in the first half holding the eagles to 14 points. A little under halfway into the first quarter, the first touchdown was scored by Christian Houston (15’). But Westlake responded quickly with a touchdown followed by some exceptional defense that left the Eagles trailing slightly.

            Nevertheless, the Eagles offense prevailed at the end of the quarter with a late touchdown by Houston (15’) putting them on top with a score of 14 to 12. From then on the Eagles took full flight and played relentlessly. North Point’s defense took advantage of Westlake’s struggling offense with sacks coming from Seniors Graylin Walker and Quinton Mayo along with sophomore Kesian Wilson. Furthermore the seniors continued to shine with touchdowns coming from Rico Jones, Andrew Henderson, Geordan Clark, and Cole Poncheri.

            On Friday, the team finished the season with some notable stats in the game. Brandon Battle (15’) threw for 414 yards and 5 touchdowns. Houston (15’) had 36 carries for 223 yards on the ground. Also senior Cole Poncheri had 7 catches and 171 yards score.

            This last regular season game meant a lot to players and participants in the Friday night Light magic. “It’s definitely bittersweet,” Says Houston, “The atmosphere is great and I’m going to miss the drum line, the cheerleaders, and the student section.” Coach Pryor also feeling sentimental comments “It’s always good to beat Westlake, but we’re rolling to the playoffs.” “We will enjoy it for 24 hours and then get to work for the playoffs.”

            Although the regular season is over, the eagles are preparing their mindset for the playoffs. “This will be my first time in the playoff game I play during high school so we’re locked in, focused and ready to go,” says Battle (15’). The Varsity squad will be traveling to Arundel High School on Friday November 14th for their first playoff game. The Eagles are ready to endure the next chapter of their journey, and Friday night was a showcase for what they have accomplished and what they have in store for the playoffs.