Tragedy Strikes Florida State University

On November 20, 2014 the Florida State University was hit with a tragic event where three students were injured by a school shooting. It caused hundreds of students to huddle between the bookshelves trying to get away from the chaos. The gunman was identified as alumni of the university and has also been declared dead.

The shooter is identified as Myron May, a former graduate, who weeks before asked for FSU information. His friends even tried getting him help even months before the incident happened. One could say May was a paranoid person. Officers found the message throughout emails, text messages, and phone calls where it says that “he believed government ‘stalkers’ were harassing him and using a ‘direct energy weapon’ to hurt him. It was announced that he sent packages to ten people what he thought government was doing to him.

There were three to four hundred students in that library, preparing for final exams in December. There was a girl, Allison Kope who is a freshman, was in the library and tells reporters that “Nothing goes through your head besides astonishment.” Many students thought quick on their feet, barricading any doors with tables and bookshelves, texting and even tweeting to others to stay or way or even say goodbye. It was an “isolated incident” and there are things being done to help Florida State University get back on their feet and promote healing.

A student explains what he saw when the gunman came up to the library. Elijah Velez said that he was on his bike when he saw him. “The guy just walked up and started shooting people” says Velez. “I fell off my bike and I started running, and then he shot again” Velez continues, who also ended up getting grazed by a bullet in the side.

There is one person in critical condition at the hospital with two others injured, and there are many who attend the school that are in shock while trying to regain order and peace. The officers then opened fire and the shooter was pronounced dead. All classes and events were cancelled, followed by a wake and the offering of counseling to absolutely anyone.