Senior Spotlight on Cool Jobs: Caleb Cotner


A lot of our seniors and other students do not only go to school full time, but many also have jobs. Some of these jobs are very different and diverse. Caleb Cotner (15’) is an STI student in the engineering program, who recently started working at the Chick-fil-a in Brandywine this past September. Cotner (15’) started working because he wanted to begin making his own money. He heard about this job through a friend, who also helped him get the job by giving a recommendation on his behalf to the general manager of the Brandywine Chick-fil-a.

When asking Cotner (15’) if he liked his job he excitedly said: “Yes, I really like it a lot. I like the people I work with, they are really cool and I like that I work a lot of hours.” “The people I work with are all really nice and cool to hang out with, everyone is helpful.” Cotner (15’) not only has a job at Chick-fil-a and is a full time engineering STI student, he also is a volunteer EMT at Waldorf Volunteer Fire department Station 12. Cotner (15’) was interested in the medical field, so he seized an opportunity when it came time to apply to the volunteer fire department at the end of last January. He was accepted to the department last February.

Cotner (15’) enjoys helping people and being an EMT allows him to do just that. He rides in the ambulance as a primary patient care giver, which means he is in charge of staying in the back of the ambulance and caring for the patient while on the way to the hospital. Caleb is also in charge of navigation, crew safety, and communication. He works long hours as an EMT and sometimes has to stay at the fire station all night on call. Cotner (15’) balances having a job, volunteer work, and being a member the unified bocce ball team, all while being in school and maintaining high grades.

As a senior this is very tough and most are probably wondering how he can do it all. But Cotner (15’) is confident in his life and puts his mind to all that he does.