Talent Spotlight: Haley Martelle

Chandler Parker, Staff Writer

Haley Martelle (18’) is one of many outstanding Eagles with many talents, and she is one of the few people with a natural talent for singing. Martelle sings the National Anthem for the football team extremely well. She auditioned to sing our Nation’s Anthem through Mrs. Helming and was one of the few to get the opportunity to have this experience.

Martelle started her love for singing at a young age with the support of her father. “My inspiration was my dad, and the country music we listened to,” stated Martelle about her inspirations, and she has been singing ever since. Singing alone in front of many parents, students, teachers, and athletes may be challenging and intimidating, but Martelle is not worried.  She pulls through her nervousness. “Honestly I look up and don’t pay any attention to the crowd,” said Martelle about how she deals with being nervous.

 Singing is not only a talent, it is a gift to express emotions in a beautiful way.  Singing with emotion is probably one of the most valuable skills that a singer can develop, to be in touch with your emotions while singing is sending a powerful message to all who are listening. Martelle believes that when she sings with emotion she is singing extremely well.

Martelle has many goals for her future. She plans to go to college and pursue a degree in music to obtain a career in music development for a record company.