Well Deserved Student of The Month: Njuguna Thande

Deveren Manley II, Staff Writer

At the beginning of November, Njuguna Thande (15’) was selected to be the “Student of the Month” in AP Physics. Njuguna currently has an A in the class and is known for his consistent class participation, as well as his willingness to assist his fellow classmates. This subject includes a heavy course load which incorporates problem sets, conceptual questions, and a healthy dose of tests and quizzes, concerning the analysis of nature, in order to understand how the universe behaves. Physics is used to put things into context, through many equations and formulas.

When Njuguna was asked how he is able to put together such success he replied “I simply think about the topics we’ve been studying and their relationship to each other. I try to keep a web of logic in my head.” Njuguna further noted that in order to be successful in physics students must “make sure the concepts relate. Physics is not a set of equations; it is a set of ideas. If two ideas do not relate, they’re not worth much.”

Njuguna’s success in Physics will carry over into his future. Njuguna plans on attending Princeton or Carnegie Mellon University. He wants to study mechanical or systems engineering in college. In these career fields, physics is a must. Njuguna has set himself on a path for success and it is highly unlikely anything will derail him. Currently, Njuguna’s cumulative GPA is a 4.47 and he is ranked 4th out of a class of 516 seniors.