A New Chapter

Reagan Holmes, Editor-in-Chief

On the evening of April 7, 116 proud students lined the stage of the auditorium. Each one of them, ready to recite their pledge, inducting them into the National Technical Honor Society. As the oath was said, each student proudly left the stage, waiting to put their hard work into action as a member of NTHS.

NTHS is for students to be acknowledged as leaders in their school and community and for recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. Not only do NTHS students embody all the attributes and talent which is in demand today, these students also embrace a clear vision for tomorrow’s workforce and their role in it. NTHS students understand changes in industry within local communities and on a global scale, and they work towards a goal of bettering their community and school.

To become a member of NTHS, the students had to do a number of things to gain acceptance. Each student had to maintain a GPA of a 3.0 or higher. They also had to provide a resume and a transcript, listing their accomplishments and hard work in their community. As a potential student in NTHS, they have to embody the vision of the society: To be an international leader in providing excellence in career and technical education.

This year had the highest amount of inductees so far. All of the inductees are now ready to take their next step in life, as a member of the NTHS. Congratulations to the 2015 chapter of the National Technical Honor Society.