The New and Improved Anime Club

Arianna Howard, Staff Writer

Hoping to interact with fellow anime lovers and discuss your favorite shows? The new anime club is the perfect place for you.

Run by Christian Price (’18), the club meets during first half on Mondays in Ms. Fields’ room, M115. The group likes to discuss anime and show power points about various shows.

So why is this club special? “Because I’m in it,” Christian jokes before going on, “also because we are very supportive of each other and weave like a family.” When asked why he started the club, he explained that he felt like he should have a place where he and his friends could express what they like. Even amongst his friends during NEST, he likes to chat and have fun with anime related subject such as cosplaying and going to conventions like Katsucon at the National Harbor.

Some of the shows they like to talk about are Noragami, Eureka Seven, Nisekoi and Attack on Titan.

So whether you’re a fan of Tokyo Ghoul or Guilty Crown, come join the Anime Club on Mondays.