One of a Kind: Mrs. Huffman

Alex Huibsch , Staff Writer

Room 351 is full of all sorts of interesting projects. Everything from tailored garbs, to fashion apparel implements and various projects. These finalized pieces of art show expression and culture from the students themselves—but do they also reflect the teacher, Mrs. Huffman? The answer is yes and the vivid, yet elegant projects are all products of her teaching style.

 Learning to sew when she was five years old, Mrs. Huffman knew she wanted her career in the field of textiles/apparel. She also majored in in family and consumer sciences in college because she loved the combination of art and sciences in textiles, fashion design, and foods and nutrition. “I love teaching students who are both artistic and technical in their skill development!” said Mrs. Huffman. When asked what about the beauty of teaching textiles and apparel, Mrs. Huffman responded, “The beauty of teaching Textiles and Apparel, Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising is that students get to see the application of all of the math, science, history, and English that they have been studying. It is all applied in a hands-on, fun career development and life skill course of study. Regardless of a student’s career-path, they are learning something that they will use and enjoy the rest of their life!”

Most recently, her Textiles and Apparel classes worked on casual sleep pants/shorts and her Fashion Design classes worked on tailored dress pants. “Honestly, whatever project we are currently working on is my favorite! Each project layers new skills on top of those that have already been learned. I love seeing the joy of accomplishment when my students realize what they can do.” said Mrs. Huffman.

Always lively, Mrs. Huffman spoke enthusiastically about her job, which she loves. However, she also values her time outside of North Point which is filled with leisurely activities including sewing and designing, music (she was music major for in her first two years of college), cooking, flower and herb gardening, and doing anything with her family. Ultimately, she lives her life according to the elements of fun, enthusiasm, and creativity; which reflect her personality in and out of the classroom.