Behind the Scenes: S.G.A.


Alex Huibsch , Editor-In-Chief

Ever wonder who’s in charge of making fun events and festivities possible? If so, then it is important to recognize and appreciate the Student Government Association (S.G.A.). Responsible for planning and organizing everything from dances to spirit-day themes, the S.G.A. takes great pride in their service and devotion to hearing the voices and requests of the student body. “We always strive to work for the student body to make North Point the best it can be,” shared S.G.A. Vice President Joseph Perriello (17’). Additionally, the organization has been focusing their time and attention on representing North Point in different conferences and activities outside of school. For example, on March 11th the S.G.A. plans to volunteer and participate in the 25th annual senior citizen prom (hosted at the Jaycee Hall in Waldorf).

Most recently, top tier members attended the Maryland Association of Student Councils Legislative Session to vote on the nominees for the State Student Member of the Board of Education. In attending the meeting, North Point S.G.A. members also got the opportunity to have discussions with their fellow counterparts from other schools on genuine issues that are relevant to many students. “We put a lot of thought into what we do and we really care about how we do our job. S.G.A. has become a huge part in my life and I have a lot of fun helping out and volunteering. It’s an overall great experience and, as a senior, I am very happy to be a member during my last year,” said Communications Director Briana Glasgow (16’).

Sharing the sentiments of Glasgow, Officer Leilani Mason (18’) expressed that, “a lot of people don’t see the behind the scenes action that goes into events like the pep-rally and the homecoming dance. S.G.A. is a great club and I hope to be involved throughout all of my high school days.” Agreeing with Mason, Recording Secretary Jordyn Best (18’) added, “I feel like I’m really helping and making a difference around the school and the community.” When asked how imperative S.G.A. is to creating a functioning, involved, and lively high school, Liaison to the Board of Education Da’Juon Washington replied, “S.G.A has always been an important aspect to school in my eyes, and you really don’t understand how much you need it until it’s gone.”

Overall, it is important to recognize those who provide leadership, service and sacrifice to the wellbeing of the common good—and in this case, the S.G.A. is providing just that for the betterment of North Point. However, by the same token, it is also important to acknowledge the sincerity of those in power and judging by the way North Point S.G.A. members carry themselves, it is no question that they are representing their school to fullest with soaring professionalism.