Back to School


Getting back into the groove of things is a mixed bag; for some it’s easy and for others, it’s a challenge. When the students of Charles County officially went back to school on Monday (August 29th), many students carried these mixed sentiments. In perspective, some freshmen students were excited to experience the new thrills of being in high school. Conversely, for select sophomores and juniors, returning to their place of education was more of less just the continuing of a familiar cycle. And while the aspect of familiarity reflects the outlook of many seniors on their high school experience, excitement and enthrallment also accompany the feelings within many soon to be graduates.

“I’m ecstatic to be a senior because I’m taking a bunch of classes I’m actually really interested in. Since it’s my last year, I’m also trying to make the best of it with my friends,” shared Hunter Bowling (17’). In keeping up with the positive fervor, Johnathan Riley (18’) added, “I’m really excited about being a junior at North Point. I’m on the football team so I’m really looking forward to our games in the future.” Similarly, many other athletes optimistically weighed in on the new school year. “I’m looking forward to wrestling season because it’s my last year and I want to make it count,” expressed Andre-Jonathan Decastro (17’). “Unfortunately, the spring sports season is a bit far away from now but I’m pretty sure this year will go by fast. I can’t wait for softball season to arrive! Our team is really close and I consider them to be my family,” explained Ally Dickt (17’). All in all, the general consensus seems to reveal that many students are ready to get the show on the road. With interesting classes, lively clubs, and ambitious athletic programs; this school year should definitely be far from boring.