Who is Tailor Gammons?


Students walk past students all the time in the hallway. People pass others and they will never speak a word to each other. There is a good chance someone walked past senior Tailor Gammons in the hallway. So just exactly who is Tailor Gammons? Tailor is an extremely intelligent student. She has maintained a 3.84 GPA throughout her high school time. She took 1 AP class her sophomore year, 1 her junior year, and now 2 her senior year. Tailor has proven to everyone just how smart she is. But with Tailor, its not just academics. Since her freshman year of high school, she has been the number one goalie on the Varsity girls soccer team. Gammons said, “It’s a lot to handle with soccer and my school work. It can be very tiring.” Tailor has always been successful musically throughout high school. She is the only student currently to have been a member of North Point’s Chamber Choir all four years. She said, “the bond is incredible” and she loves having the chance to sing with all her classmates. Tailor is very well liked by her friends. She is known for having an upbeat personality and has a smile on her face. When asked, Gammons expressed that she is very ready for June 2nd when she graduates. It is just a countdown of a  number of days now until high school is over for her. Despite having so much success as a goalie, Tailor said she doesn’t wish to pursue soccer after she finishes high school. She not only plays for North Point, but she is also a very key part on a travel team that she plays for. With the question a lot of people are asking “Where are you going to college?” Tailor explained that she is still unsure at this time on where she wants to go. She does however know that she wants to pursue a career in Science after high school. Gammons knows what she needs to do in her last year  to set herself up for success later on down the road. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tailor Gammons for a long time. She is an extremely nice person and has a very kind heart. Her personality and confidence will help her go a long way in life. If you see her in the hallway, say “hey” to her and you may find that she’s someone you never talked to before, but now you really want to become friends with her.