Different Transportation Methods To Head to School

Different Transportation Methods To Head to School

Dejah Marie, Staff Writter

The hardest part of getting ready for school is waking up then heading to school early in the morning. Waking up still drowsy, barely conscious then, heading out the door on time just to get to school on time. However, no everyone gets to school the same way. Some get here by car, some by bus, and others walking so, which way is better?

      To start off, getting to school by car gives you more time and less pressure to get read because you’re on either parents or your time and you have a fast way to get to school. Especially when given a license and are able to drive yourself. You’re really only running on your own time. The only downside could be taking full responsibility for being late. Fellow peer Casey says he prefers to get to school by car because “it’s easier to just wake up and get things together and drive to school on his own time.”

           imagePeople also shared their opinions about getting to school by bus. Many students use the bus mainly because the school is very far from their homes. That’s when why parents may prefer them taking the bus. An up side to the bus is that it gets you to school on time no matter what and if the bus is late you’re not. However there are downsides to taking the bus. Another fellow peer Abby stated that “ it stressful getting to the bus sometimes because the bus driver works on their time”, meaning missing the bus equates to walking to school or finding another ride.

Lastly, another way of transport getting to school is by walking . Getting to school by walking is the least common given the fact that finding people who do ride the bus or drive to get school was hard. If given thought, walking to school in the past it does cause you to wake up and leave the house pretty early which is very productive. When riding a board you want to leave earlier because of cars in the road.When walking to school leaving early is a wise decision because the average speed of walking is obviously slower than driving by a lot and if your late then you’re just late not excuses. Walking to school can be fun way to get to school on the contrary. It could be a great source of exercise and it’s peaceful when timing is considered correctly. A nice long stroll down the street listing to music on the way to school should calm more than rushed.

So, in all consideration the most desired way of transportation is by driving or bus as a way to get to school but, there seems to be a negative and positive to all. Keeping in mind time management also seems to be key to making all three ways of getting to school a great way to start out your morning before school.