Chamber Choir Performs At The Kennedy Center


Joey Foote, Staff Writer

North Point’s 2016-2017 Chamber Choir is a very young and talented group. They have so many amazing voices. Chamber Choir had their winter concert earlier this year. After the concert, they were given some very exciting news. They had been chosen to sing at the Kennedy Center on March 1st, 2017.

This is a huge opportunity for North Point Choir and the school itself. These kind of opportunities don’t come up that often. Chamber Choir is very excited, but they are also fully focused. They know that work needs to get done so they can be fully prepared for their opportunity that is right around the corner. Junior bass vocalist Brandon Powell talked about what’s going through his head with the performance coming soon. “In anticipation for the performance, I have a different level of focus. I’m very focused on creating the best performance I can put on. I’m thinking about being expressive and really living through the music instead of just singing it,” Powell explained.  They have been practicing hard both in and out of class. They will perform all four selections from their winter concert along with four new festival selections. This is a lot of practice and work for the students, but they have so much passion and a great work ethic that it is enjoyable. Chamber Choir isn’t just a group of students that sing together. They are a family, and you really see the family aspect during class. Everyone is very encouraging towards one another and they support each other. Alto vocalist Vashti Tillman spoke about what she likes the most about Chamber Choir this year. “I get to learn more rigorous music with my amazing peers,” Tillman said.

Chamber Choir has been very fortunate to have an absolutely wonderful teacher and leader who guides them down the path of success. Mrs. Helming, who has been the choir teacher for eight years, spoke about what it’s like knowing that one of her choirs will be performing at the Kennedy Center. “It is AMAZING! All my students have been working so hard this year. It is exciting for such an opportunity for one of our ensembles, Chamber Choir, to be able to perform on the Millennium Stage on March 1st. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has had so many legends and talented artists perform in this historic venue.” When asked what people can expect to hear, Helming said, “They are a very fun loving, hard working, incredibly talented group. I think you will be captivated by the beauty of the sound in their selections. Their set covers many different musical styles all a cappella for our Millennium Stage Performance. I hope you see and hear the passion that has been driving my students to bring our set off the page and give it life. I hope you enjoy our performance.” Come out and support North Point’s Chamber Choir March 1st, 2017 at the Kennedy Center at 6 pm. This is a free event, so come out and maybe you will also see the passion and the talent of North Point’s 2016-2017 Chamber Choir.